&companyname=Hatsumi Toshima &slogan=& &footer= Hatsumi Toshima Hair and Makeup Designs. %a9 2009 Hatsumi, All Rights Reserved&I feel that beauty is about total coordination. There isnít one aspect that makes someone beautiful. When working on shooting jobs for hair and make-up, I find a balance between the concept and my creative abilities. Many times, this includes studying the model and working with her individuality to showcase her persona. Drawing power from her many facets is paramount in bringing out her original character. Iím incredibly passionate about working as a hair and makeup artist. Iím lucky enough to do be involved with something that I love to do. Striving to stay current with trends in beauty and fashion, I recently took a class in air-brush make-up and am studying new haircutting techniques. I continually strive to expand my skills and my sense of fashion. Hair and Makeup Most of the pieces that appear in my portfolios feature my work with both hair and make-up. I enjoy being able to bring the two together and create a complete look, allowing both aspects to compliment each other. This allows me to tap into the unique beauty of each of my clients and bring it to its full potential, while responding to every occasion and different situation. >After graduating from beauty school in Tokyo, Japan, I stayed in the city and spent 4 years working in a hair salon. During this time, I assisted various hair and make-up artists for both magazines and television. This experience allowed me to branch out and work as a freelance hair and make-up artist for seven years. My credits include numerous fashion shoots, magazines, music videos, television productions and editorial shoots. Also, I've worked on model's portfolios, music programs for television, singers for Toshiba EMI, Sony Music,Yamaha Music, and designer Celine's Tokyo collection. I moved to New York in 2000, and happily continue to develop my skills and sense of fashion.